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Additional Services by Request

Creative Outdoor Retreats LLC has completed many beautiful projects that would be listed as "Additional Services." With a limited staff, we ask that you connect with our Team to see if your project is one that we can accomplish for you. If we are unable to provide a service, we will do our best to provide a referral to you soyou can accomplish the retreat of your dreams.

Some of the many services we have completed can be viewed below.

Contact our office at 812-363-3321 or click on GET A QUOTE!,

and someone will be in touch with you soon.

Expert lawn care services ensuring a lush and healthy outdoor space – choose us for professional and attentive lawn care tailored to perfection.

Lawn Care

  • Yearly, quarterly, or specific lawn care / maintenance involve treatments and applications that can be scheduled to fit your budget.

  • This photo is of a home we maintain in the Bright area.

Flawless mowing, precise trimming, and meticulous clean-up services for a manicured and pristine outdoor space – trust our expertise for top-notch Mowing, Trimming, and Clean-Up solutions.

Mowing, Trimming, Clean-Up

  • Ask to be placed onto our weekly mowing schedule.

    We will mow, trim, and clean-up all debris before leaving your home or business.

  • This is one of our properties in the West Harrison area.

Innovative landscape design capturing the essence of nature's beauty – our expert touch ensures a harmonious and captivating outdoor environment for every project.

Landscape Design

  • Let us help you design your landscape area. Our team is happy to assist in enhancing your ideas or working with the creation you plan out.

  • This photo is NOT one of our creations, but we have completed the same kind of work.

Elegant Pool Pavilions designed for relaxation and entertainment – experience luxurious outdoor living with our expert touch.

Pool Pavilions

  • We have a team who can build pool pavilions and the like. Your idea or our creation, let us help you!

  • This photo is NOT one of our projects.

Stylish Pergolas & Louvered Roofs, blending form and function for a perfect balance of shade and sunlight in your outdoor space.

Pergolas & Louvered Roofs

  • We have experience in building pergolas and/or installation of controlled louvered roofs as well as enclosed porches and decks.

  • This photo is one of our creations located in the Cincinnati area.

Warm and inviting Outdoor Fireplaces or Open Fire Pits – add a touch of coziness and ambiance to your outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor Fireplaces or Open Fire Pits

  • Whether you want to have an open fire pit for roasting marshmallows or have an outdoor fireplace where friends and family can gather on cool or colder evenings, we are able to assist you with this project,

  • Let us show you how to build the perfect fire pit fire! Creating the right kind of vacuum is key.

Safe and imaginative Play Areas designed for endless fun – create a vibrant and joyful space for your children to explore.

Play Areas

  • Though your play area will be the first we may build, we are confident that we can help you create the childhood atmosphere even adults would want to play on in their free time!

  • This photo is NOT one of our creations.

Captivating Water Features & Ponds, bringing the soothing sounds of nature to your outdoor environment for a tranquil retreat.

Water Features & Ponds

  • Do you have an area you would like to create a peaceful and serene retreat? Let us install yours today.

  • This photo is NOT one of our creations.

Well-crafted Patios/Decks, seamlessly blending comfort and style to enhance your outdoor living experience.


  • Looking to replace or install a deck or patio, or maybe both? Our team works diligently to give you a retreat that fits your budget.

  • This photo is of a stamped patio we did in the Harrison area.

Meticulous Restorations, breathing new life into your outdoor space – revive and rejuvenate with our expert restoration services.


  • Restoration work is intricate and sometimes difficult to do.While we have done some restorations, the larger projects are bid out with our sister company who restored this magnificent monestary located in the Cincinnati area. Feel free to request a consulation.

Effective Salt Treatment & Pre-Treatment services for a winter-ready outdoor space – ensure safety and longevity with our expert care.

Salt Treatment & Pre-Treatment

  • While many in the Tri-State area are not a fan of the winter season, our crew thrives and anticipates Winter precipitation to keep our business alive as the growing season grows dormant. The icy weather this area tends to receive, our salt treatments and/or pre-treatments are welcomed to help keep other businesses alive allowing people to head into work and appointments safely.

  • Sadly, this industry is hard to come by. With a limited Winter crew and equipment in constant disrepair due to the heavy work they perform each year, we will only apply treatments to residential roadways/driveways only and business driveways and sidewalks unless otherwise discussed.

  • This photo is NOT one of ours, but our crews are well prepared each year to perform this service.

Reliable Snow Plowing & Blowing services to keep your outdoor spaces clear and accessible during winter – count on us for efficient snow management.

Snow Plowing & Blowing

  • We have changed the name from Snow "Removal" to Plowing and Blowing as we are well aware that one cannot remove snow. Down to only two vehicles, we are able to hold a number of accounts for both residential and business.

  • It is important to note that we no longer offer snow shoveling as a service due to the lack of stable employment during this time of year.

  • Due to the uncertainty of weather precipitation around this area, we charge by the hour, salt weight, and type of salt used. We do not bid flat rates.

  • This photo is NOT one of our vehicles. One of our own will be posted soon!

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